Placement Cell



At NEWTONGATE, we prioritize the career success of our students by providing 100% job assistance through our dedicated career cell, the Corporate Interface. Our experienced team constantly keeps track of the best job opportunities available in the market, ensuring that students receive guidance on the most promising career paths upon completing their course. To further enhance their professional development, students have the opportunity to interact with industry stalwarts on a regular basis. These esteemed professionals share their insights, provide interview tips, suggest career paths to explore, and address any doubts or concerns students may have. This holistic training experience equips our students with valuable knowledge and skills, empowering them to confidently pursue their chosen careers in the industry.


At NEWTONGATE, we have a dedicated Placement Cell that invites companies to our campus for recruitment purposes. In light of the current scenario, companies may conduct interviews through video conferences facilitated by our Placement Officer.
The recruitment process typically involves tests and/or group discussions to shortlist interested students based on the company's policies. Shortlisted students are then interviewed by the company for final selection. The announcement of results usually takes place on the same day or within a few days.
One of the unique features of NEWTONGATE is our Pre-Placement Preparation (PPP) program, which is provided to all our students. This program helps students prepare for interviews, enhance their personality, develop communication skills, and plan their career effectively.
Industrial training is a mandatory component of our curriculum, ensuring that students gain practical exposure and experience in their respective fields. To foster industry-institute interaction, we organize guest lectures and faculty exchange programs, allowing students to learn from industry experts and gain valuable insights into the current trends and practices.
At NEWTONGATE, we strive to create a comprehensive learning environment that not only imparts knowledge but also equips students with the necessary skills and opportunities to excel in their chosen careers.



Preparing for an interview is crucial to increase your chances of success. Here are some important steps to take before the big day:

  1. Prepare your interview attire: Ensure that your interview clothes are clean, pressed, and appropriate for the job and company culture.
  2. Print high-quality copies of your resume: Make multiple copies of your resume on good-quality paper to hand out during the interview. Take more copies than you think you'll need to be prepared.
  3. Smile and use positive body language: Show confidence and make a good impression by maintaining a relaxed posture, smiling, and engaging in positive body language throughout the interview
  4. Prepare questions for the interviewer: Think of relevant questions to ask the interviewer. This demonstrates your interest in the position and company. Examples include inquiring about their favorite aspect of working at the company or why they believe you are a good fit for the job.
  5. Seek clarification if needed: If you don't understand a question or feel unsure about how to answer, don't hesitate to ask the interviewer for clarification. It's better to get clarity and provide a thoughtful response than to guess or provide an incorrect answer.

Remember, interview preparation is key to feeling confident and making a positive impression on your potential employer. Take the time to get ready and showcase your best self during the interview.